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Spider section: Professional spider control is important to control a large or repeat infestation. Our inspection and monitoring service is aimed at identifying specific spider species that may be an issue to a business and confirming those which are harmless Spiders often evoke more psychological damage than physical. People’s dislike for spiders can range from general annoyance, to an irrational psychological fear, called arachnophobia.

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Cockroaches are only of the most disgusting pests that occupy all kinds of buildings: houses, apartment complexes, shops, stores, restaurants and so on. They breed wherever they find food, warmth and water. They spread diseases because they enter the buildings through drainage pipes and when they touch food or water, it leads to contamination of a high order! Cockroach-infested food causes asthma, salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery, e-coli contamination and other stomach infections. Cockroaches can also breed fast and become hazardous within a matter of weeks. Our cockroach treatments are effective for several months and are not harmful to humans, including children. We offer special packages for buildings that have an epidemic-type of cockroach problem.

Besides being unhygienic, houseflies and mosquitoes transmit dangerous diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria and stomach infections. Mosquitoes are very dangerous, particularly in certain seasons like the monsoon where stored or stagnant water leads to heavy breeding of flies and mosquitoes. It is always better to clear such areas from time to time and also get those areas treated with disinfectants before the start of the breeding season. Pestwise offers special packages for control of houseflies and mosquitoes.

Termites are small white ants that feed on wooden furniture, structures and even walls! They work round the clock and breed in millions so it does not take long for them to eat into an object. However, they are not as easily noticeable until the problem becomes too big. Our experts can help you identify if there is a termite problem in your building, the source of that problem, and how to handle it. Termites usually start in the ground or our treatment starts with identifying that place and then placing a barrier between the ground or the soil where the termites have colonies so that they don’t creep onto the structure. We offer both pre- and post-construction termite treatments.

Solutions for reduction of cobweb formation.

Solutions from food contamination through faecal-oral transmissoin spread of diseases,nuisance for hosts / guests.

Bed bugs are those hidden tormentors that spread fast and are difficult to get rid of. Just like mosquitoes, they feed on the blood of humans and mammals and hence bite, causing severe itching and discomfort. They are usually found inside beds, mattresses and other furniture. They make their way inside through clothing, luggage and other personal belongings and can migrate through floor and wall cavities. Professional treatment is required to help get rid of these pests and the treatment may last for just a few days or week, repeated whenever required. Give us a call and we will come and assess your furniture for possible bed bug infestation.

Bees build their hives if there is a garden or an open green area nearby. Bee sting can be very potent and painful and if the bee hive is large enough, you will be in danger of being attacked by thousands of bees, which can prove fatal. Lofts, balconies, roofs and unopened windows are usually where bees start to build their hives so get rid of them right when they are very small. If you happen to notice a large enough hive, call us immediately and we will handle the rest.

Rodents and mice in houses, warehouses, grocery stores and gardens not only dangerous health-wise but also end up damaging the structure of buildings. They dig holes and damage crops, plants and feed on the fruits and flowers. Besides, they also transmit potentially fatal diseases like Well’s disease and Rat Bite fever. If they manage to enter the house, they feed on clothes, books, electric wires, plastic pipes, insulation materials and grocery items and leave behind feces that cause diseases such as salmonella infection, TB, tape worms and dangerous allergic reactions. Rats also bring in other secondary pests inside the house such as ticks, mites and fleas. Our pest control experts know exactly how to deal with these pests and also to prevent them from coming back again. from chemical treatments to nets and rat traps, we have effective solutions to help you get rid of your rodent problems.

Scorpions and snakes are the most dreaded reptiles and while lizards are not that dangerous, they can be very venomous if they enter into any eatables. There are many ways to reptile-proof your house by putting screens on windows and doors, covering up cracks, crevices and holes in the walls, sealing the gaps under doors and windows, closing any holes in the roof or elsewhere in the building, sealing all holes where wiring plumbing or gas enters into the house, covering gutters and drain pipes with fine gauge mesh and sealing gaps between wooden floor boards, if any.

Our experts will visit your house and check for any of these crevices through which reptiles may enter your building and then suggest what can be done to prevent it.

very year thousands of homes and commercial places are infested by wood destroying pests like wood borers and termites.Borer activity is usually determined by the presence of borer holes.Pestwise offers Injection & fumigation treatment which is most effective to control wood borer.